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Case Studies

Rolls Royce

With the closure of the Rolls Royce factory complex in East Kilbride comes the need to clear the site and make way for a new phase of development. Damada Group were part of the team ensuring the safe removal of Asbestos and Demolition of disused buildings within, what once was, East Kilbride’s flagship employer

The Project

This particular project involved the removal of a pitched Asbestos Cement roof, and machine demolition of an industrial warehouse with a footprint of approximately 10,000m2. Previously used to hold materials and parts from suppliers around the world, Block V played an important part of some of the world’s most well known engines, such as those used on Concorde.

The Asbestos Cement roofs were brought down by our expert team under controlled conditions, using high pressure water sprays to ensure the Asbestos control limit was not breached.

Damada aim to keep non-recycled waste to an absolute minimum whenever possible. Therefore all waste was then separated into different waste streams to be sent off for recycling.

Any absorbent material is kept under shelter to protect against the rain. Heavier waste is more expensive to dispose of, so by keeping this dry, we can pass on a saving to our clients.

All surfaces and ledges were then thoroughly checked for Asbestos Cement debris using an access platform. This is to ensure that no asbestos is left to contaminate otherwise clean, brick rubble.

We instructed an independent Asbestos Testing company to carry out regular background monitoring to ensure that there was no breach of the Asbestos control limit. Despite continually passing this test, our supervisors and operatives wore full PPE and Half-Face masks with P3 filter. Belts, braces and all.

All Asbestos is then safely double-bagged in UN-approved thick plastic labelled bags and made ready for collection and disposal at our SEPA Licensed Waste Transfer Station in East Kilbride.

This process is then repeated, bay-by-bay to ensure the building remains otherwise structurally sound.

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